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सामर्थ्य संवेदना !

क्या आप एक बड़े घर में रहते है? क्या आपके पास एक अलग नौकर का कमरा है? क्या आप किसी भी कार्यकर्ता मेड को उसके परिवार के साथ रखने के लिए तैयार हैं?

Hire & Support a full-time worker family

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    Husband and Wife worker couple

    There are couple can't afford living seperately. Look for a place where can work togather.

    Maid with baby

    A female who needs a house work where she and her baby can stay. Kid is too young to be left alone.

    Brother and sister together

    A young brother sister having no family support. Cannot leave alone as dependent. Looking for work.

    Living alone or an old-age couple and ready to spare some space?

    Are you a person living alone or an old-age couple? Some people experience feelings of loneliness or may be living alone due to some reason … who can get together and ultimately find more reasons to share and care by keeping a family along with them… It’s a possibility that maid family may become your caretaker or caregiver and they can be engaged to share more wonderful moments and support at home.

    Some benefits may be like more people & more engagements, more hands for house-work, more reasons to laugh, care etc.

    Living in a big house or multi-rooms apartment?

    You may be a perfect employer for such worker family. You own a big house, apartment, kothi or have a separate servant’s room. You live in a government accommodation with servant’s quarter and ready to keep a worker with his/her small family.

    The worker family,  a poor couple who wants to work together at one-place. The male person (husband/brother) can work as driver and female worker as housemaid. Male worker may also be the Gardner, house-staff,  servant, cleaner, security guard and lady worker can be adjusted as a cook, housemaid, babycare staff or old-age caregiver etc. We offer free trail days or phone/ video call interactions before you are totally satisfied to hire.

    No Worry, Easy Hire

    History Screened

    We check and screen the candidate for situational details and past.

    Police Verification

    No worries. We offer FREE police verification report for such cases.

    More Reliable. Safe

    In cases, they are observed to be safer and more responsible workers.

    Take charge of your social support


    IMA WFH Offer

    Hire Full-Day Maid (8, 10 Hours) and Get the Criminal Background Verification FREE (condition apply*)