Why do we need to make Legal transactions and Online Payments with Maid Agency?

It is always riskier for both parties i.e., customers and businesses, to deal with each other without any legal documents and valid payment method! The same rule follows even when hiring a made agency. How? Let us understand it;


What’s the Problem?

A large number of household and individuals in India depends on maid staffs. It can be for cleaning, cooking, driving, taking care of a child or elders, gardening, and more! You might also be planning for or looking ahead to hire one;

– For a home to ease your family’s living by offering helping hands to get basic jobs done, or offer care to your loved ones.

– For an office to upkeep the proper hygiene environment and get basic requirements done for other working staff!

They are also hired by government and private authorities to take care of public place’s cleanliness!

In case you have a lack of knowledge in this area, chances are you might be stuck into the problem since it is not so easy to hire a right made as per your desire! It is a typical case when you lack proper recommendations or references from others who can suggest a better option!

By the way, you can still try to get some help to find a maid by discussing it with your neighbors, nearby security person, or so! But it will take more of your time and didn’t guarantee that you will end up with the best maid for your requirements!


A Smart Solution

Now, to make the above thing more manageable, you can take the help of a maid agency with whom you can share your needs and get the right person as per your job. An agency is an intermediate party between homeowners and housekeepers.

They are the best to fill the gaps between parties! These kinds of agencies help them provide a common platform where both parties can save time and effort to get or let the desired job be done!

But again, beware since there are many chances of scams in it! You might face specific issues with the assigned maid including;

– Bad track record

– No valid work permit

– Expectation mismatch

– Do not work ethically

Many agencies let their customers assume more than what they will get after hiring one. So, before engaging with the one, you should be knowledgeable and aware enough about this field’s truths.

How to be Safe?

If you do not want to place yourself in the above scenario, then it is necessary to finish all the legal paperwork and transactions beforehand!

You need to make informed decisions before choosing one maid staff for your job! A right maid agency that always works to keep their client happy by giving time in resolving their issues during the service period.

You might think it is risky to pay them money online, but it is a safer option. By paying all the amount online, you will make sure no hidden charges levied during the service period. You will also have a valid statement proof of payments to be used to resolve any issues in the future!

If you are hiring any maid through an agency, avoid paying any amount directly on the maid’s hands for any reason. It is best to get the things cleared with the concerned agency if your maid asks for any extra charges without the consent.

A right agency is the one that deals with complete transparency! Always keep your eyes open, do not take any decision in a hurry or just because someone else is saying well about it. Go for more than one recommendation whenever possible. All the Best!!

5 Reasons you should Avoid Cheap Maid Agencies

Most of us want to spend lesser in buying any product or service! It is the same strategy that most e-commerce sites use today to retain old and entice new customers. Due to this typical mentality, we always first prefer to invest in a cheaper option.

Among them, many needful did not research well about the quality of the product or how the service will deliver their offerings! So, they regret their choice and late to help themselves to recover their losses in many cases. The same condition applies to hire a maid agency as well.

Hence, if you also have the same mentality, you might have had already faced some issues in the past. You might also be lucky enough who never tackle any hassles until now while buying any item or using any cheap service before. If yes, then you do not know when your fate goes wrong!

Do you still didn’t care about the same and feel it is best to save your valuable money to go with a cheap maid service? If your answer is a Yes, then here are some more reasons that might change your mind;


1) Untrained Maid

A common issue with a cheap maid service is that they do not provide well-trained workers for your needs due to less budget. So it can result in many future problems like;

– The wrong attitude in communication and work!

– Not having proper discipline on how to behave with their employers

– Can do usual activities like using any of your home products for personal use.

Altogether, you will need to have someone who can supervise a careless maid’s work in this condition!

2) No Satisfaction

If you are paying less to a maid agency, then no doubt they will also pay less to their staff. Now you can imagine any person who is not satisfied with the salary paid as per the work. So there are higher chances that he or she is not dedicated to their work.

A happy maid is the one who gets a desirable income for the effort and time that he/she is giving in the job. So, in this case, only they can love their job and do the job with personal interest to satisfy their customers!

3) Irregular

Most of the time, a cheap maid agency service doesn’t meet its standards or anything promised before with the customer. In case you try to complain about this with them, they might demand extra charges for the same. They didn’t either provide any legal written statement about what they will offer in their service period! So you will feel helpless yourself to escalate such a dispute.

4) Limited Staff

Due to less budget, an agency that asks charges less from its customers to provide the service employs limited staff. They generally rotate a limited number of workers to all of their clients. So the work pressure is higher on their team, which can directly affect the quality of their performance.

5) No Guarantee

A maid might not inform you about any critical information that you should know as an employer. You need to face the loss of personal property because of his/her mistake and didn’t get compensation for the same. If you ask the agency for a solution, they might also refuse since you do not have any valid proof to tackle it!


In case of any need, people generally make a big mistake of being hurried up while searching for and hiring a maid services online. They finally select the one that offers cheaper quotes, but alter suffers a lot.

So, the final choice is yours, whether you are ready to face such issues or spend some more money to keep yourself and your loved ones away from stress!