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Improving the quality of life, one household at a time.

Our Responsibility

Indian Maid Agency has made a name for creating lasting connections between families and household staff. Our responsibility lies in ensuring that we find you the perfect person for the job you need in your home. Our expertise is in understanding our customers’ needs and finding the perfect staff to fit your needs and preferences. Our service does not end when you hire someone from our agency, we continually ensure that any staff from our team consistently excels in the job they have through routine follow-ups. We perform screening, training, and briefings to ensure we give you qualified, hardworking, and efficient people to run your household and help you keep your home the way you want it.

We value our long-term relationships with our customers, which is why we make every effort to keep your trust and confidence in us. We have a wide roster of trustworthy, honest, and hardworking individuals who are eager to help you create a better quality of life in your home for you and your family.

Our Vision & Mision

We dream of seeing every household in Delhi, NCR lives high-quality lives wherein each member has ample time to do the things that make them happy, pursue their passion, and live a life of leisure with peace of mind while not being burdened by the mundane, routine tasks of housekeeping and running errands. To see our vision become a reality, we made it our mission to bring together families looking for quality, trustworthy help, and individuals looking to enrich their experiences and touch lives, while earning a living. We aim to create positive and lasting connections between the helper and the families so both parties can mutually benefit from employment.

Why Choose Us

Experience. With a year in the industry, we have amassed a number of potential staff who have extensive experience in housekeeping and household staffing. We are detail-oriented and we aim to satisfy our clients.

Honesty. Our staff embodies the values and principles of IMA, and integrity and honesty are at the top of the list. We provide our service with affordable and transparent costs, with no hidden charges.

Peace of mind. When you work with IMA, your peace of mind is guaranteed. Our verified helpers are dedicated to keep you satisfied and maintain your trust. We also insure your home and properties against potential damage and burglary.

Solidifying Family Bonds and Increasing Overall Happiness.

With the help of our dependable housekeeping staff, we utilize our field expertise honed through two decades of experience to put smiles on your faces and bring joy to your homes.

Leave Your Phone Number, Our Experts Will Call You

Our team of experts will call you right away to discuss your house staffing needs. We will match a suitable candidate from our extensive roster based on your specific requirements.
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