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Our expert will call you right away to discuss your house maid need. We will match a suitable candidate from our extensive roster based on your specific requirement.

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IMA is Your local Home Staff provider. Indian Maid Agency ‘IMA’ is a trusted name in household manpower. Not a website agent or online listing, we are a staffing service. We provide impeccable service through  experienced, reliable, and safe workers who are all thoroughly vetted through meticulous background checks, in-depth interviews, and extensive monitoring. We offer maid-workers to household, matching services based on need and requirement with fully transparent low service fees without any hidden charges. Our customer service staff is available for support 24/7. Being customer-centric, we stand-by our customers in all times and after-sales service. We fully deliver on our promise. For your household need, call us ☎ today and we’ll get you the right maid.

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Get qualified staff who can help you make things easier around the house.

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Our exemplary service, credibility and integrity caught the attention of big names in business journalism. Indian Maid Agency has been featured in local and international news publications echoing the positive reviews from our clients and industry experts.

We don’t just provide a service, but we add value to your life. Not only will you have more time to do more valuable things and activities that bring joy, but we also offer security and peace of mind. Start creating a more valuable life for yourself and your family. Give us a call now, and take control of your time and household.

We understand your staffing preferences and we provide a match that will last.

IMA Customer
“Indian Maid Agency sent us our maid who has been with us for years now. My wife and I could not be happier with the service.”
Mr. V V Krishna
Customer-IMA- SRao
“We are so happy with our new helper. The agency helped us find the right person who can do all the chores in the house at a very affordable price."
Mr. Somesh Rao
IMA Customer-Chanchal
“It was tough finding a good nanny for my kids but IMA made it happen quickly so I can go back to work. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Thank you.”
Mrs. Chanchal Gupta

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a manpower agency specializing in pink collar staffing. Our job entails finding the right hire for our customers by scouring our database of qualified household workers until we find the perfect candidates for the families in need of staffing. We meticulously vet our candidates to ensure anyone you hire from our company exemplifies our values of integrity, dedication, and hard work.

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Leave Your Phone Number, Our Experts Will Call You

Need A Maid? Our support team will call you right away to discuss your house staffing needs. We will find a suitable candidate from our extensive roster based on your specific requirements.
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